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I would like to create a group.

It is a self-growth group

We will check our main goal weekly and support ourselves, and think about the solution of others problem.

Actually, it is like a club or seminar and it focus our goals.

My goal is to be a freelancer, and I don’t need to worry about where to find the cases.

If you know someone might be interested, please let me know. Great thanks!


A regular habit would create a stable mind.

Thanks for my Japanese classes once a week, although I didn’t spend much more time on it.

I got a power staying calm, and I can have the energy dealing with new things.

Maybe learning something new and feel cool is the great rest, rather than doing nothing.

Try learn something you are interested!


Do your best!

I read a book, that talks about how to live your work-life when you feel burned out.

It inspires me to do whatever I can with my work, and the chance will come itself.

That means you don’t follow your happiness, you just follow where to learn more, and all you want is the next thing.

Do you believe it?


Who’s your consultant when you lose?

Family or friends?

Luckily, I have both.

Thank you all of you, your response is a great support for me.


Do you sell any second-hand stuff?

I rarely do.

But I’m wrong.

At the last day of this long weekend, my family visited the “Hard-off”, a second hand shop from Japan.

We picked something useful and sell it, although it gave us a surprising low price, We felt “well, there is still rewards!”

Please go and visit by yourself!


The old time is coming.

Well, I met my club friends today.

We talk a lot about our work or life, our view, our family and friends, and anything else.

That is essential for me to hang out with friends, I need to talk and listen interesting story.

Glad to see you guys!


I had a talk with my sister.

Well, we went to bad late, and we just had a small talk, but it finally became a very deep talk

And my sister gave me a totally different view of myself, and I felt, “yes, you are right!”

That’s great when you look at yourself by other’s view.


Everybody should have a break, right?

I am really grateful that I have a long weekend so that I can jump to another lifestyle.

Like, go bar hopping at night.

I had to say, I’m not good at drinking, and I felt so tired after only 2 beers, lol!


I went to watch a movie on Friday night.

It was Ghibli anime, The Boy and the Heron, a young boy with his animal friend, a trip to find his family back.

Beautiful scenes, fine soundtracks, and too many plots and metaphors, I felt so full and a bit confused.

If you want to go to the theater, I recommend you go with partners, so that you can discuss the film together.


There is a typhoon coming to Taiwan, many counties announced one day off because of the typhoon.

Also, I had one day off today, preparing for the coming test.

Although I didn’t spend a lot of time, I decided to take the test.

Hope I can get high points, lol.


When you want to seek a new job, do you say it on your social media?

I do.

Actually, I think it is better to let your friend recommend a new opportunity rather than just visit the job bank.

This time, I would like to go to the tech industry or start-ups, it is unfamiliar to me, thus if somebody I trust will help me, this is the best.

Hope it goes well!


It’s not bad to talk about your privacy with your colleagues, right?

Oops, I see how dangerous that might be, so I just talk about my family, and there are always a lot of topics about how to get along with parents.

So, I got some interesting story from my senior colleague, and she is willing to share how she dealt with her family relationships.

Thanks for her sharing, I know I am not alone.


Hey! I’m looking for a new job opportunity.

First, I am interested in content and marketing, and I am looking forward to a flexible work style, like full remote or combined remote.

Second, tech and start-ups are fresh to me, I like to join in an environment needs learning alot and fast.

Finally, I hope I can help something big and cool, so if you know any of them, pls share to me!


There are many discussions with my family about everyone’s future.

Actually, this month my 2 sisters will go to their new way.

A lot of changes.

I think work is the eessential part of our life, so that there are always topics about that.

This is interesting, I would like to pay more attmention on it and write more articles to share.


Happy Moon Festival!

Oh I found there’s so many connections with my relatives.

My high school classmates is my auntie’s coworker.

I met my college friend in my family BBQ reunion, it’s really cool.

Hope you have a good night with beautiful moon and loved ones.


Glad to say, yeah! welcome the long weekend!

Do you plan for a travel? or have nice BBQ with fam or friend?

No matter which one, I will say that sounds all great!

GO Go happy weekend 🙂


Hey, how often do you talk to your friend by phone?

I seldom do it, because I don’t like call to someone.

Theses two days, I call for 2 friends.

One is quickly ask about the travel experience, and the other is talkimy about the regular habits.

I felt connected, maybe I should do it more often.


If you really like something, you might not figure out.

But, if you are really not interested in something, you must know it.

In fact, I am preparing a test, it is an advanced level for my work, if I pass it, I will gain more doma knowledge.

Plus, I might get promoted or else.

It is a pity that I don’t have an inner motivation to prepare it.

I still do, because I don’t want waste my money and get something back.


How’s your night?

I just got up to write today’s journal.

Isn’t it cool to show your persistence?

I am just thinking about creating another site, and keeping this one(ryansdaily. tw) as an English blog, do you think it is a good idea?

Let me thing of it.


Glad to say I finished 2 projects this Sunday!

One is moving on the next trip, we decide where to live and make a reservation.

The other is writing the short E-book in just 3 days, thanks to my good collecting habit, so that I can get this job done.

Hope it will see you soon.


We had a make-up work day, how’s feel?

I felt embarassed, bacause I left office for 1 hour earlier then be caught by my boss.

Although there was no task must-to-do, and it had been a regular habit for earlier leave-off when make-up day happened, I still found myself feeling guilty.

Ummm, does it mean I am a hard working person?

Have a nice weekend!


100 days count down for the end of 2023.

I have made up my mind to write my e-book.

There are 2 series, one is for how to write like a journalist, and the other is a tarot guide for beginners.

Why did I choose these two topics? Because I want to share my experience with a newbie just like me.

When I start from zero, I would like to have this kind of resource helping me soon to know something.

I will write 300 words per day, then it will be 30,000 words by the year’s end.

Sounds interesting, right?


Do you want to be a digital nomad?

Yes, I would like to.

I had a dinner with my former coworker Eddy, he created his own business, as an online consulter.

Eddy is a full remote worker, and he can decide when to start work. On the other side, he said there is no end to his work for him.

Although I saw his post about going abroad and had a nice trip, he was still working on his travel.

Ummm, I would like to try this kind of work-life style.


Do we really have the power to decide the animals’ life?

Today, my sister said she would like to consider euthanasia for our dog.

The reason is he ran out of our home, bit others’ dogs, and caused my family injured several times.

This afternoon, my mom fell over, and the dog victims plus 2.

She said, “If we can’t strictly control the gate, and Dad and Mom are too old to watch out for him, we should perform euthanasia.”

We had an argument about that. It is very, very hard.


Sad to hear one stranger passed away this morning.

He is our client, and though I didn’t know anything of him, this afternoon the news spread in our company’s LINE chat.

Our colleague said, he is the most kindly and caring person, what a pity!

My boss said, “No wonder I didn’t get his sticker reply this morning…”


That news made me think again, maybe it’s time to quit and do what I really want as soon as possible.


A second look, save one hour.

After I left my office, my boss noticed me there was one mistake of my daily work.

When I saw the message, I already got home. THINK 3 seconds, I decide to go back office to correct it.

Finishing the mistake and going back home again, it was one hour later.

If I had reviewed the daily report, I could save this time to do more meaningful things.

That’s my lesson today.


I joined a boardgame play this afternoon. It’s topic is about how to get finance free.

Although it sounds like The SIMs 4, it is more of an educational game telling players to think more carefully about how to use money.

I learned that despite the work salary and trying to control spending If we wanted to win the game – which also meant achieving the financially free goal – we had to find more continuous income, such as rental, inventory or owning a business.

It is worth thinking more, and I will rewrite an article these days.


Feeling tired but fulfilled.

This morning, I get up early and go hiking on Yangmingshan National Park, one of the Taipei Grand Trail.

We hope to achieve the goal: finish all the trials before this year. That’s so good for our friends to have a chance to go outside regularly.

Take a rest earlier.


Let’s try new things today!

Thanks to my sis, she said she had joined the Tandem group recently, it is a language exchange app, and I downloaded it today.

Sooner or later, there is a new match start the chat box! So cool, right? A good start, let’s see how’s it going.


How busy the day is!

I had a lot of workloads so that I couldn’t have a nap, I think that’s why I ate too much at dinner.

I am so grateful that my Tarot-learning group is still running. Thanks to the one hour talking, I can release the stress from work.

Good night!


It’s the first day to begin writing something in English.

Thanks to my sister Stacy. She encourages me to say or write anything in English, which helps me achieve my New Year’s Resolution. I think it is a good start by now.

So, I will write some pieces on this article, and update the new things before going to bed. Good dreams.

This article will be updated daily.

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